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A green home may not only focus on energy efficiency, architecture, and health concerns but perhaps green gardening. Whether you are growing your own herbs and produce or supporting local farmers, here are some helpful links and podcasts that you may want to check out. 

  • Looking for a farmer’s market to visit this week? 
  • Wanting to hire a landscaper that can help plant food trees and veggies in your yard? 
  • Wanting to support a local farmer by ordering a weekly CSA Bag filled with local produce (Community Supported Agriculture)? 
  • Want to learn how to be more sustainable by growing food?

As your Green Realtors, we want to provide you with ways to be more green at home.  Growing food in your yard, indoors or on your condo lanai are ways to contribute and if you do not have a green thumb, support local farmers!


Towered Up Farm Malama Aina Landscaping


Oahu Fresh Hawaii Farmers Markets


Go Farm Hawaii Mana Ai Taro Farm


Hawaii Ag Conference Farm Link Hawaii


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